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Veterinary Technician Team


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Dayton started out in active duty with the military but was unfortunate to acquire nerve damage that had him sent home a bit early. He started back out working in a warehouse and working towards the job he loves, working with animals! He found himself back in school to be a vetrinary assistant at Carrington here in Portland. Dayton graduated college in the very beginning of 2011. Taking his love for animals to the next level he joined us here at Companion Pet Clinic to help care for all the local pets. His exceptional love for Staffie bull terriers led him to retrieving one of his own, along with his snakes, scorpion, and 2 cats. Dayton shows his love for animals through his valued customer service.




When she was very young Traci developed an incredible love for animals. She alwasy had one pet or another growing up. At first she started out just cleaning kennels. Now she is a very skilled hands on Vet Tech. Sporting 7 years under her belt she joined us here at Companion Pet Clinic to join the mission in keeping all of our local pets healthy and the owners happy! Traci is the proud owner of 3 rescue cats, and plans on continuing showing her skills here at CPC as a dedicated Technician. She shows her dedication with her hands on skills and her great customer care skills.




Tracy shows her smarts with a 4 year bachelor degree in biology. She always wanted dogs of her own growing up, so she finally got a house to call her own! Afterwards she acquired 3 German sheperds and a Boston terrier. Juggling being a full time mommy and loving wife she spends part of her time working with us here at Companion Pet Clinic. Stacy has been a veterinary technician for 7 years and plans to show her warm hearted care towards local pets for a long time.




Allison is 100% devoted to pets - hers, ours, and yours! This love for fur-children coupled with genuine compassion for other people makes Allison a wonderful assistant supervisor for our technicians. Allison graduated from Andrews University in 1999 with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science. She has since then spent over 5 years in the veterinary field, studying hard and learning quickly. At home, Allison has 2 loveable cats: Whitefoot, a 3 year old Himalayan mix, and Rose, a 13 year old orange tabby. When she's not at work (which is rarely), Allison takes on hiking, swimming, zoo-going… basically any outdoor activity. She's also a licensed pilot and does in fact enjoy flying planes!







Talk about an education! Carolyn rocks a Bachelor's degree (BS) in Zoology from the University of Oklahoma and an Associate's degree (AAS) in Veterinary Technology from Portland Community College. As if that wasn't enough, Carolyn is also a Certified Veterinary Technician and has 4 years of experience in the field. Most days you can find Carolyn in surgery busily and skillfully assisting with, monitoring, and following up on our surgical and dental patients. Carolyn has one cat at home - Eli Elmer, her "big black man-kitty" who she found in a tree when he was "itty-bitty"! Carolyn enjoys biking everywhere, hiking/camping and snowboarding; but for those days she'd rather spend indoors, you can find her painting, sewing, or cooking!






Jessie attended Montana State University (in both Billings and Bozeman) as well as National American University in Rapid City, South Dakota. Jessie sports 9 years of experience as a veterinary technician. She lives with her mom and 1 year-old son and also has two brothers living in England. Jessie's love of pets is clear; she owns Allie, an 11 year-old lab; Vince, a 13 year-old Heeler mix; Stella, a 6 year-old Shepherd mix (rescue with bad joints); and Rudy, a 4 year old Maltese rescue with a cleft lip. In her free time, Jessie enjoys reading, locker-hooking, movies, fishing, camping, traveling. Jessie also used to be an assistant dog trainer.





Jerry has spent thirteen years working with dogs - he's a retired Air Force Msgt. with the K-9 unit! Jerry lives with his wife, Michelle, and four dogs: Rocket (a 2 year-old German Shepherd), Harley (a 2 year-old Pit Bull), Julius (a 5 year-old Boxer), and Maddy (a 7-year old Boxer). Jerry enjoys riding his motorcycle, exploring Portland, and being married to the most awesome woman ever (and driving her insane). Wink!








Michelle moved up to Portland from California. Michelle has an Associate's Degree from Allan Hancock College; this coupled with 4 years of experience in the veterinary field makes her a great addition. She has the same 4 dogs as listed above (considering she shares a home with them). She enjoys riding motorcycles, painting, watching movies, and retaliating at Jerry whenever he's being a brat. Go Michelle!