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Dr. Basham loves all creatures great and small, but focuses primarily on dogs, cats, and rabbits. She professionally manages those complicated, 'difficult' medical cases while doing what she can to keep a holistic approach. Dr. Basham excels in recognizing the importance of the human-animal bond and always utilizing her strong compassion and empathy while striving for effective two-way communication with worried "parents". Dr. Basham shares her heart and home with three lovely non-human family members (all live happily together): Finnegan, a 16 year-old "wonder cat" who has been by Dr. Basham's side since well before vet school; Clover, a 3 year-old bearded collie who enjoys nothing more than a romp through the park herding birds, other dogs, and even small children; and Redmond, a Flemish Giant who is bigger than the cat and half as big as the dog. Outside of work, Dr. Basham enjoys exploring Portland, going for long bike rides, camping and other outdoor activities, writing, reading, and spending time with friends and family. She has recently taken up the fiddle again after a many year hiatus and can often be found practicing after work, to the annoyance of her dog Clover who doesn't seem to appreciate bluegrass tunes!




                                                                                                             Dr. Kyle Mathis

                                                                                                               Coming soon!


                                                                                                                   Dr. Kelli Smith

   Dr. Smith was previously down in Florence Oregon where she owned her own clinic.  She moved to the Portland area a year ago and came to us with the big smile on her face along     with her son Benjamine and her husband Dale.  She works hard to take care of your needs and will always go the extra mile. 







Dr. Peetz grew up on a ranch in rural Oregon near the small community of Tygh Valley. He hunted and fished with family and friends until the time he entered college at Oregon State University. His interest in Veterinary Medicine and compassion for animals took him to Washington State University, where he graduated with his DVM in 1970. Because of his concern for the humane treatment of animals, he no longer hunts or fishes and is a vegetarian. In February 1979, Dr. Peetz became the first veterinarian to accompany Greenpeace activists to the ice floes of Newfoundland, protesting the slaughter of baby Harp Seals for commercial gain. In 1980, he joined animal welfare organizations in an attempt to stop the use of steel-jawed leg-hold traps for the harvest of animals for the fur industry. Dr. Peetz served two terms as President of the Willamette Humane Society, working with animal welfare groups to improve conditions for stray and impounded animals. In 2000, he was involved with ProPaw, an HSUS supported political organization formed to place a ban on steel-jawed leg traps. He continues to write editorial op-ed pieces for newspapers throughout Oregon, supporting human animal welfare policies, and testifies regularly before the Oregon Legislature on a variety of animal welfare issues, including dog and cock fighting, canned hunting and inhumane farming practices. Dr. Peetz currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Joyce.