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3345 NE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97220

One block south of Fremont;
west side of the street.


Phone Numbers

(503) 546-1044
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If you are bringing a pet in for an anesthetic procedure, drop-off exam or recheck, or other treatments, feel free to take a look at our forms and even fill one out before you bring your pet in. (Please keep in mind to date for the appropriate day.)

Surgeries, Dental Work, & Other Anesthetic Procedures: Please fill out the ANESTHETIC RELEASE form. Do still set aside time for checking in, preparation of surgery paperwork, and a pre-anesthetic exam with our surgical technicians and/or the veterinarian performing surgeries that day.

Drop-Offs for Follow-Up: Please fill out the TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION form. This form is ONLY for pets being dropped off for rechecks, bloodwork (including glucose curves), sedation, or any other prediscussed treatment. (You do not need to complete a drop-off form unless the patient has not been in for over 30 days.)

Drop-Offs for New Problems: Please fill out the DROP-OFF form and TREATMENT AUTHORIZATION form. This process is only for pets being dropped-off for an exam; a $100 deposit is also required (any overpayment will be refunded when your pet is picked up.)

Behavioral Consultations: Please fill out either the canine or feline BEHAVIORAL CONSULT form and e-mail, fax, mail, or drop-off the completed form. Dr. Wagner will review the paperwork and we will call you to schedule an appointment.

Anesthetic Release

Treatment Authorization

Drop-Off Form

Dog Behavior Consult

Cat Behavior Consult